Saturday, March 14, 2015

Glitter Boots

Earlier in the fall, I donned on the booties-of-my-dreams, they were glittery and magical. They were Disney princess meets 60's go-go girl, and I was adoring every bit of it. I knew I had to track down these sparkly wonders. No surprise, these shoes were from my favorite brand Saint Laurent but being way out of my price range$1200, I knew I couldn't afford them, and I would never have my real-life-princess-moment. But of course Zara came to rescue, as it always does, with a more college-budget-friendly pair, that were also more my styleblack. Zara is a fashion fairy godmother making all my dreams come true, or at least more affordable.
glitter booties- zara black skinnies- topshop denim shirt- madewell beanie- asos

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