Friday, October 14, 2016


It is very important at a jewelry store for the products to be displayed as clearly and as effortlessly as possible. I like how the boxes are separated by color/ type of gem and whether it has a silver or gold setting. I appreciate the organization and simplicity because the pieces should be able to stand on their own.

Online Traffic

Most of the visitors of my blog are from the USA, according to data site  Hootsuite. I also have a fair following in Japan, which is interesting. Most people search my site directly, which makes sense because I do not advertise on other sites, only on my own social media accounts. I have the most traffic when the day I post new content, there are dips in traffic when I do not post for a week. I have a new blog so I haven't had any views on this one in quite awhile, so it makes sense that my views are low.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Difference in Sizing

Instead of going to a large retail store I hit up a bunch of boutique shops because I couldn't get to a mall. I tried on my usual size from all different brands and I definitely notice everything fits so differently. I tried on a bodysuit I loved and I tried two in the same size. One felt slightly smaller but I don't know if I should attribute that to the lace up being too tight or too loose of the 1/4 inch rule.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Production Costs

The product I made was a necklace. The pieces used were a foot of chain and a door knob. The door knob costs four dollars and the chain cost three dollars a foot from my local supply store.

3$/ 1 ft
4$/ 1 knob
9$/ .25 = 9.25$ (Total Cost)
+ 20% profit ( 1.85$) = 11.10$ (Total Cost + Profit)
Suggested Retail Price = 23$

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


All hail Chloe for bringing back the gladiator sandal! One of the hottest items for summer has been the mid to tall lace up gladiator. Feminine fashion house Chloe centered they're Spring/Summer line around the edgy shoe. I was afraid the try them because I thought they could potentially make my legs look stumpy. I decided to pull the trigger and just go for it when I found this dope python pair and I have to say my fears were wrong and I couldn't be happier I went for it!

Gladiators- Schutz Dress- Brandy Mellville
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fringe Heels

Schutz is my favorite shoe brand of the moment. Everytime I visit their site I always find a to-die-for pair of shoes that I can make room for in my about-to-bust shoe closet. As I always remind you guys I am in love with fringe and these cement fringe heels were no exception!

Fringe Heels- Schutz
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